Why EchoPOS?

Cost Effective, Eco-friendly POS Equipment!

Why Buy From EchoPOS?

Our products are ideal for channel partners that are looking to offer affordable and eco-friendly products.

Working with a Manufacturer

Working with EchoPOS allows your team to work directly interface with the manufacturer of cash drawers. We will be looking into the future for cash drawer trends and any regulations pertaining to the industry so that you do not have to. Our OEM partners have invested, and continue to invest, in expensive testing machines to ensure that we and our Value Added Reseller (VAR) and software partners have the peace of mind guarantee that our products exceed, or meet, regulatory requirements. For example, we were the first cash drawer manufacturer in Europe and Asia to comply with the European RoHS and Chinese RoHS standards in the world.

Channel Commitment

We do not distribute our cash drawers through fulfillment distributors. Unlike other cash drawers, our products are not available on the internet at super low prices. We believe that our Value Added Reseller (VAR) and software partners invest a lot of resources in integrating, testing, and supporting our products.

Authorized Repair Center

We are the only distributor that is authorized to repair in-and-out of warranty Star, Epson, and Samsung receipt printers. While other distributors have chosen to focus on logistics, we have consciously chosen to ensure that our partners do not get bounced from one company to another for in-and-out of warranty repairs. Our repair center helps us gather data to help our vendor and customer partners identify any troubling trends well in advance.


We have three distribution facilities in North America. This allows your team to have the peace of mind that that we will have the products available to accommodate virtually any request.

Private Branding

EchoPOS, unlike other manufacturers, does not have a minimum order quantity requirement for private branding cash drawers. In addition, many of our vendor partners also offer the ability to private brand hardware by placing your logo on their equipment.

Technical Support

We extend free technical support for all our hardware to you and your customers. We also have a knowledgeable sales team whose primary function is to sell and support POS, AIDC, and card technology equipment. We are used to getting calls from inexperienced customers with comments like “My cash drawer is plugged into the phone jack and it does not work” or experienced end users that have their own technical support and IT team.

RMA and Reverse Logistics

We have an RMA department to help our customers through in-and-out of warranty repair and/or return issues. Many of our manufacturer partners prefer to have us handle dead on arrival (DOA) issues. This allows our VAR and software partners to use us as a one stop shop for all their needs.

Qualified End User Lead Generation Program

At EchoPOS, we understand the best way to grow our business is to help our channel partners grow theirs! Our end user lead generation program is open to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) that sell bundled solutions.

On average, EchoPOS distributes 175 to 200 qualified end user leads per month at no cost to our channel partners. In 2010, we provided over 2,000 end user leads to 800 different channel partners. These end user leads often require POS or other allied software applications in addition to hardware. Therefore, an ISV or VAR that sells software applications is an ideal fit to be accepted into our lead generation program.

<strong>Contact us</strong> to learn more about how our lead program enables our channel partners to make healthy revenues from the sale of software, hardware, support and installation

Product Consultation and Selection

At EchoPOS, we take pride in our industry knowledge and our ability to help channel partners stay ahead of the curve. We concentrate on POS, barcode and card technology equipment instead of carrying hundreds of unrelated products. It helps us keep our sales and business development team trained on existing products and future trends.

This concentrated focus enables us to attend many niche vertical market trade shows in industries including retail, ticketing, restaurant, pizza, dry cleaning, jewelry, school cafeteria, gaming and warehousing. This allows us to help our channel partners take advantage of the latest trends in their marketplace.

Product Configuration

At EchoPOS, we offer a wide range of product configuration services including configuring products for software upgrades, firmware loading, interface swap and black mark sensor setting for printers, software and driver loading for our customers.

We can also customize cash drawers for our customers in the US on a short notice. In short, as a manufacturer, we have the technical know how and resources to accomplish product configurations according to the needs of your customer.

For example, we can configure prescription printers for our healthcare software partners, load custom software on printers for retail software partners and configured rolls for label printers and upgraded firmware for debit pin pads.

Our Reach

We reach out to over 10 OEMs, 1,100 VARs, and over 500 software developers in the POS and AIDC industry. Our partners are spread throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Our factory takes care of the customers in Japan and Asia and our Ireland office takes care of customers in Europe. Our customers serve small to large businesses in retail, salon, spa, club management, fine dining, jewelry, dry cleaning, automotive, lube and repair shops, theatres, amusement parks, quick service, take out and delivery. This allows us to look at a customer’s need from many angles and devise a program that fits their needs.

Product Delivery

We blind drop ship hardware for majority of our customers in the US. This allows our customers to not have to carry inventory or invest resources in receiving and shipping. We carry a huge inventory so that our partners don’t have to and so they have the confidence that we will not run out of products when they need them the most.

EchoPOS gets bulk discounts from UPS and trucking companies which allows us to pass the discounts on to you for freight on expedited shipping and when freight is charged for consumables (labels, paper etc.). For example, we can ship the hardware bundles from our warehouse in FL or CA directly to your customers from coast to coast.

Hardware Bundling

At EchoPOS we can blind ship multiple items in customer supplied or standard packaging at no extra charge. We can also ship products in customer designed/ customized packaging with customer’s software CD and/or instruction manuals.

The bundles can be put together on short notice and can ship directly to the end user with the customer’s packing list. We do not sell commodity hardware but are willing to stock and ship it as a bundle based on your needs. We can also load the software on AIO units for your customers.

Co-op and Marketing Funds

Have a channel partner that needs some marketing assistance? EchoPOS offers the ability to co-sponsor marketing projects for reseller and ISV customers. Marketing services include, web design, search engine optimization, graphic design, PR marketing, email marketing, and lead generation.